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Go to and write your store’s name
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FoxKit built them all!
FoxKit built them all!
FoxKit built them all!

FoxKit built them all!

Launching your successful store that converts at maximum with the help of FoxKit.

  • NO need marketing knowledge
  • NO need Shopify knowledge
  • NO need code knowledge
Install & update

One-single click away to get the demo you love - no more copy & paste

Product bundles

Increase the revenue by providing discount for product bundles

Quantity discount

Motivating customers to buy more by showing irresistible deals

Pre-purchase upsell

More chances to get more sales with frequently bought

In-cart recommendations

Suggesting similar products that buyers may want to buy

Free shipping goal

Push your customers buy more to get Free Shipping

Countdown timer

Give FOMO and make people get in hurry to take the action

Lucky wheel

Showing the customers a gamified wheel popup & you’ll get the lead

Promotion popup

Easily creating coupon or newsletter popup to interact with customers

Sales notifications

Creating sense of a busy store and build trust for your customers

Size chart

No more frustrating by creating size chart manually, we built it for you.

Stock countdown

Create scarcity, increase the perceived value of your products and push your customers to make faster buying decisions.

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What they say about Minimog

Browse our templates and see how easy it is to minimog

“Not only is this theme great but their customer support is top notch!! After installing the theme I had a TON of questions. I chatted with James from customer support for over two hours. He was VERY thorough and was able to solve ALL my concerns. Especially with custom css. i recommend this theme to everyone whether you are advanced or a beginner!”
MichaelJaredSEO, United States
Verified purchase
“This theme is amazing i was looking to buy anther theme but it require a monthly fee of $29 for the same feature this theme have and this theme is a one time payment only. I love all the features it has and will save me a lot of money on paying for other apps which make my website really slow. with this theme you have all in one, you do not need other apps which will make your website even faster and save you a lot of money. And thanks sayaka for all the help.”
Williams1292, United States
Verified purchase
“Thank you so much for all your help. They went above and beyond to help me out and solve my issue coming from my end. The theme is amazing and works smoothly and that's all due to the hard work that is put in so everyone can have and display an amazing looking store. Thank you A+++”
ClashWithAJ, Australia
Verified purchase

“They have live chat service whenever you have questions or issues running the templates. Thank you Steve and Sayaka for a quick turn around.

Template is awesome, you can do a lot with it, took me some time read the documentation, but I think hopefully they can improve more details in the content in the future. Overall, I am very satisfy.”

zncahilog, United States
Verified purchase
“Really impressed with the quality of the theme and customer support. There are many options to customize the theme, very good and flexible. Customer support is quick and on point. I love it so much that I bought 3 licenses to replace all of my stores. I can't wait to finish my setup. :)”
ccavute, Australia
Verified purchase
“Really great theme. Lots of great features. Backend is super easy not like other themes that look great but backend is not put together properly. Customer support is amazing. Good response time and very helpful.”
metalninja, Canada
Verified purchase

“Minimog is just easy to use and customise. I love how it's just a blink of an eye to install whatever demo I want without any hassle. FoxKit is a work of genius! Great job guys! Its been extremely reliable and robust. Their support so far has been excellent. I know I am a difficult and demanding customer”

HungPanicbear, Vietnam
Verified purchase
“This theme is awesome and extremely well put together, and well thought through. But the best part of it is the support! These guys are FANTASTIC!!! They're generally available on chat almost any time of the day or night, and make fixes and tweaks very quickly. They also respond to customer feedback well and implement feature requests in record time. Very few tech companies, of any size, can compete with these guys in terms of quality of product and support.”
boshinc, United States
Verified purchase
“I cannot recommend Minimog enough! I've been given amazing customer support throughout and the team have gone above and beyond to assist me. Minimog is more that just a theme, it's an entire new way of running my shopify site! It comes jam packed with useful selling features and the themes are immaculate and responsive! You guys have a customer for life with me!”
laurieleymate, UK
Verified purchase
“This is my First and Last theme, trust me the best theme ever you buy for your store, other than the functionality they have the best support have ever. they have every solution. and always be there for you. Go for this theme if you are new to Shopify, or old.”
Prabh, India
Verified purchase
“Seems like a very useful and up-to-date theme! Easy to understand key features, and most importantly it's lightning-fast and has a lot of build-in features such as upsells cross-sell, and many other useful options.”
gorbachoff, UK
Verified purchase
“I'm the first time installing Minimog theme, really amazing! I like their Theme and boost conversion can save a lot money! Super easy to install! Excellent customer service!”
Myplenty, Malaysia
Verified purchase
“Loving the simplicity of this theme and the number of built-in conversion-focused tools. The customer service too was outstanding when I had a couple queries and questions.”
Cjarrad, UK
Verified purchase
“This is a MUST HAVE for any e-commerce store! So happy with this incredible theme, it's well built, tidy, and full of features and benefits to grow your business. Support is exceptional too!”
justonemorerock, Australia
Verified purchase
“I don't usually leave reviews however felt the need to do so for this theme. By far the best Shopify theme I have purchased and used on ThemeForest. Not to mention they have great customer support!!”
Raeesahmed, UK
Verified purchase
“They went above and beyond to help me out and solve my issue coming from my end. The theme is amazing and works smoothly and that's all due to the hard work that is put in so everyone can have and display an amazing-looking store.”
ClashWithAJ, Australia
Verified purchase

One-time charge
No more Monthly fee

Get over $2000/year in savings on other apps
(that you should be using anyway)

Features Shopify App Cost Conversation rate Minimog
Product bundles $180.00 0.3% FREE
Quantity discount $180.00 0.35% FREE
Pre-purchase upsell $180.00 0.25% FREE
In-cart recommendations $144.00 0.5% FREE
Free shipping goal $144.00 0.3% FREE
Countdown timer $84.00 0.15% FREE
Stock countdown $36.00 0.15% FREE
Cart countdown $36.00 0.45% FREE
Size chart $79.00 0.1% FREE
Facebook messenger $36.00 0.1% FREE
Popup $180.00 0.45% FREE
Lucky wheel $180.00 0.3% FREE
Cart drawer $108.00 0.4% FREE
Smart search $144.00 0.35% FREE
Advanced filters $360.00 0.8% FREE
Color swatches $240.00 0.2% FREE
Mega menu $60.00 0.12% FREE
Cookie consent bar $36.00 0.08% FREE
Product quick view $79.00 0.25% FREE
Sticky add-to-cart $60.00 1.45% FREE
Recently viewed products $36.00 0.2% FREE
Wishlist $60.00 0.2% FREE
Compare products $60.00 0.15% FREE

Instantly Improve Conversions
by 120% in a day

30+ feature-instructional videos that help you to control
your store at hand. New videos will be updated.

Setting header
Setting header

You’ll be able to customize & logo, choose addons & edit the message

Setting colors
Setting colors

Easily edit store details, navigations, layouts, contact info, container style

Setting typography
Setting typography

Easily change font, custom font, fon weight, size of body text, buttons

Setting product variation swatches
Setting product variations

Color & image swatches will help your store & product pages look much better

Setting product card
Setting product card

Customize the layout style, content alignment & the content you want to show

Setting cart drawer
Setting cart drawer

Let your customers access their products & one-click checkout easily

Setting slideshow section
Setting slideshow section

Change text, show footer, edit button’s label, size, style and everything here

Setting collection list section
Setting collection list section

Where to edit the collection's settings for title, featured image

Everything should be

Fast and Productive like MiniMog

Empower your store with the best marketing tools to boost sales without any monthly fees. Unlocking your store's potential TODAY!

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Be ready for future

Mobile shopping waves with Minimog

Empower your store with the best marketing tools to boost sales without any monthly fees. Unlocking your store's potential TODAY!

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Furthermore, Minimog is the Mobile-first design

That enable your store's hidden power.

Mobile Search

Mobile Filter

Mobile Menu

Mobile Product Tabs

Unlimited possibility with beautiful designs

The Fastest
Shopify Theme
ever built

Lightning Speed is key. You will start selling
while your competitors are still loading

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Minimog is built
for SEO

Drive organic traffic with SEO ready. Let’s achieve higher rankings on Google

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Why is Minimog faster?

Because we build Minimog for speed & performance optimization
without asking you do any modification necessary

Fewer server requests
Fewer server requests

No need adding more apps which slow your site's speed

Always Latest Technologies
Always Latest Technologies

Minimog is built for the future & you can take full advantage

Keep bundle size small
Keep bundle size small

Modern browser APIs advantage help keeping minimal polfills

Image Optimization
Image Optimization

Images cannot slow your site anymore because all are served in the most optimized quality

Say no to Layout Shifts
Say no to Layout Shifts

Clean code helps avoiding unexpected layout shifts affect the user experience

Efficient Javascript Queries
Efficient Javascript Queries

Only unique IDs and skip over ed elements to minimize Javascript DOM queries

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

More functions without paying by your site's performance

Selective Loading
Selective Loading

Removing the bloat & only load, serve what's needed

Preconnect, Preload
Preconnect, Preload

Pre APIs resolves and load assets without blocking DOM

Stand out from other boring online stores

Keeping Clean & Organized Code
Better result on SERP with mobile-first design
Loading time increases user experience
Up-to-date coding standards, compatible with cross-browsers

From professionals' view

We know what people need most and we use 2 years to build everything from the root

Power Elite Author Site of the day Based on 2054+ Ratings Envato’s Top Exclusive Seller CSS Design Award Awwward

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  • ThemeMove

Never miss a sale with Minimog's exclusive ecommerce features

Earning more with the same traffic & the ROI's number will amaze you!

Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview
Exclusive preview

See what people are saying about Minimog

See what people are saying about us

Amr El Shahed

"UX design, Ease of use, fast loading, included apps are superb"

Cayman Fitzhugh

"It’s so easy to use and I don’t need to pay a monthly fee anymore"

Jame E.

"Minimogg’s working perfectly as well as it’s supposed to."

David Henkel

“I was able to do the customisation easily & also the support from the team...”

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Facebook Messenger
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